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1407NEW Nichipet EX II Micro Pipette, Autoclavable- In-Stock
1409NEW Nichiryo Pipette Tips - Racked, Autoclavable, and Disposable$0.00 In-Stock
1410NEW Nichiryo Pipette Tips, Disposable - Various Sizes- In-Stock
1411Nichiryo Pipette Stands and Stations- In-Stock
1412Nichiryo Variable Repetitive Syringe Dispensers and Other Accessories- In-Stock
1480Nichiryo Pipette Mate$392.87 In-Stock
1481NEW Nichiryo NPX-1000 Pipette for 1000ul- In-Stock
1482NEW Nichiryo NPX-5000 Pipette for 5000ul- In-Stock
1492NEW Nichiryo Pipette Tips for 0.5 to 10UL Volume Capacity, Model BMT-SS$21.00 In-Stock
1493NEW Nichiryo Micropipette Tips for 1,000 to 5,000uL Volume Capacity, Disposable, Model BMT-X$45.34 In-Stock
1494NEW Nichiryo Pipette Tips for 2uL to 200uL Volume Capacity, Disposable, Model BMT-SG$21.00 In-Stock
1497Nichiryo Multistand for Pipettes- In-Stock
1499NEW Nichiryo NPX-100 Pipette for Volumes of 10-100 ul- On Request
1500NEW Nichiryo NPX-20 for Volumes of 2-20 ul- In-Stock
1501NEW Nichiryo NPX-10 for Volumes of 0.5-10 ul- On Request
1502NEW Nichiryo NPX-2 for Volumes of 0.1-2 ul- On Request
1503Syringe for Nichiryo 8100 - 0.6mL$97.00 In-Stock
1504NIchiryo 8100 Repetitive Syringe Dispenser$401.44 In-Stock
NEW Nichipet EX II Micro Pipette, Autoclavable