Sleek design with casters for ease of mobility.
Self-diagnostic safety features and digital display.
Efficient sterilization and drying functions.
Interactive key input system with memory features.
Settings for hours and continuous operation.

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Yamato Autoclave w/ Dryer, Model SM-301 (SM301), 1.1 cu. ft. (32L) Capacity, 105°C to 128°C Maximum Sterilizing Temperature, 115VAC, NEW

LabCommerce carries the full product line of Yamato top-loading autoclaves. The Yamato SM-301, which has a capacity of 1.1 cu.ft. or 32 liters, is an automatic high-pressure steam sterilizer with dryer. The Yamato SM-301 has a sleek design and comes with casters for ease of mobility in the lab. Its sterilization temperature ranges from 105°C to 128°C. Maximum temperature for drying is 150°C to 180°C.

Heater (sterilization): 1700W; Heater (drying): 1500W.

Technical Specifications:

  • Temperature Control Range (Sterilizing): 105°C to 128°C.
  • Temperature Control Range (Drying): 150°C to 180°C.
  • Temperature Control Accuracy: 0 to +2°C (sterilize) / -20 to +10°C (dry).
  • Calibration Offset Function: Yes.
  • Temperature Sensors: Chamber Pt100Ω; water: T-thermocouple.
  • Safety Devices: Self-diagnosis functions (alerts for: sensor error, SSR short, heater disconnect, faulty main relay, dry run), safety valve, electrical leakage breaker.
  • Controller: Model T06MT.
  • Controller Operation: PID control by microprocessor.
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.20 MPa.
  • Color: White: E75-90A.
  • Included Items: Rack, heater baffle, drain bottle, chemical indicator, condensation catch container.

Please see Technical Specifications below for more information.

Warranty: One-year Service Warranty from the date of shipment.

Item Code: YAM-1620
Model: SM-301
Manufacturer: Yamato
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $7000.00

Electrical Requirements:115VAC, 1PH, 17.5A, 50/60Hz, CE
Temperature Setting Range:105°C to 128°C temperature for sterilizing.

105°C to 180°C maximum temperature for drying.

Temperature Control Accuracy: 0`+2°C (sterilize) / -20 to +10°C

Temperature Sensors: Chamber Pt100Ω; water: T-thermocouple

Heater (sterilization): 1700W; Heater (drying): 1500W.

Maximum Pressure:0.20 MPa
Controller Type:Digital and programmable
Timer:1 min. to 99 hrs. 59 min. and 100 hrs. to 999 hrs.
Capacity:1.1 cu. ft. (32L).
Interior Dimensions (in inches):11.81 diameter x 17.52D
Exterior Dimensions (in inches):17.3W x 20.8D x 38.1H
Weight:Approximately 176 lbs., plus shipping/packaging.
Includes Accessories:Rack, heater baffle, drain bottle, chemical indicator, condensation catch container.
Shipping Requirements:Approximately 248 lbs. (327 lbs. domestic dim weight with 36L x 36W x 49H-inch pallet). If the shipping destination does not have a dock, liftgate charges will also apply. The costs of shipping, packaging, palletizing, crating (if required), and insurance will be added to the invoice.
Optional Accessories (additional charges apply):

Stainless Solid Basket OSR-20, Cat. No. 241084, List Price: $245.00 each, Selling Price: $230 each. Dimensions: 270mm (10.63 inches) diameter x 200mm (7.87-inch high).

Basket (mesh type) OSM-70, Cat. No. 241088, List Price: $235.00 each, Selling Price: $220.00 each. Dimensions: 266mm diameter (10.47 inches) x 204mm (8.03-inch high).

Basket (mesh type) with two stacking fitting OSQ-40, Cat. No. 241092, List Price: $625.00 each, Selling Price: $600.00 each. Dimensions: 246mm diameter (9.69 inches) x 162mm (6.38-inch high).

Basket (mesh type) with one adjustable mesh shelf OSQ-70, Cat. No. 241095, List Price: $520.00 each. Selling Price $500.00 each. Dimensions: 260mm diameter x 390mm (15.35-inch high).

Stainless Bucket OSN-12, Cat. No. 241151, List Price: $480.00 each, Selling Price: $450.00 each. Dimensions: 12-inch diameter x 10-inch high).

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