7.6 cu. ft. or 216L capacity.
Room temp.+5°C to 200°C temperature range.
NEW product distributed by LabCommerce.
One-year Service Warranty from the date of shipment.

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LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DP-63C (DP63C, DP63) Vacuum Drying Oven, 220V, +5°C to 200°C, 7.6 cu. ft. or 216L

With a capacity of 7.6 cu.ft. or 216 liters, this NEW Yamato DP-63C Vacuum Drying Oven (compare to VWR) requires 220V. It includes two (2) stainless steel shelves.An optional vacuum pump is also available from LabCommerceCondition: New and unused - distributed by LabCommerce.Warranty: All new Yamato products have a One-year Service Warranty from the date of shipment. Please call (408) 265-6482 for more information.Shipping: Truck delivery in a crate on a pallet is recommended for extra protection. Please contact us for a shipping quotation.

Item Code: YAM-1645
Model: DP-63C (DP63C)
Manufacturer: Yamato
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $11550.00

Electrical Requirements:220V, 50/60Hz, 17A, Single Phase.
Operating Temperature Range:Room temp.+5°C to 200 °C
Temperature Control Accuracy:±1.0°C(at200°C)
Maximum Temperature Reaching Time:Approximately 120 minutes.
Internal Capacity:7.6 cu. ft. (216L)
Internal Dimensions:Approximately 24W x 24D x 24H inches
External Dimensions:Approx. 32.28W x 32.24D x 64.96H inches + projections.
Interior Material:Stainless steel SUS 304.
Exterior Material:Cold rolled steel plate with baked-on melamine resin.
Door:Single swing door.
Heat Insulating Material:Rock wool.
Heating Method:Decompressed chamber direct heating.
Heater:Mica heater, 3150W (3.15kW)
Vacuum Gauge:Bourdon tube type, 0 to -0.1 MPa (Gauge pressure).
Observation Window:Tempered glass and polycarbonate resin plate.
Temperature Control Method:PID control by microprocessor.
Temperature Setting Method:Digital setting with UP/DOWN key.
Temperature Display Method:Digital display by green LED.
Timer:1 minute to 99 hrs. 59 min. and 100 hrs. to 999 hrs.
Operation/Additional Functions:Operation Functions: Fixed temperature operation, auto-start operation, auto-stop operation, program operation (16 segments).Additional Functions: Calendar timer (max. 24 hours), integration time (max. 49999 hrs.), time display.
Heater Circuit Control:Triac zero-cross control.
Operating Pressure Range:101 to 0.1 kPa (760 to 1 Torr) at absolute pressure.
Shipping Weight:Approximately 713.3 lbs. domestic dim weight with 40L x 40W x 74H-inch pallet. Please contact us for more information on shipping methods and rates. We will also need to know if your company needs a liftgate at delivery. Shipping Terms: FOB, Santa Clara, CA, via best way (truck delivery); shipped on a pallet. The shipping cost, including insurance, packaging, pallet, liftgate at pickup, transit and dropoff (if required) will be added to the selling price. Shipping to the US only. Sales tax applies to California sales.
Accessories:List Price $200.00 each, Selling Price: $190.00, Shelf for DP63 ovens, P/N 212193.

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