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Pricing reduced to $800 for this Shimadzu UW420H toploading balance. Call LabCommerce at (408) 265-6482 for more information.
Check out our Yamato oven models DKN-402C, DKN-602C, DX-402C, and DX-602C!
Tested to 60-degree Centigrade setpoint for 30 minutes and more, this dry block heater comes with two (2) each anodized #286 heat blocks. Other type of heat blocks with different number of positions and configurations may also be available (please inquire about items in stock). LabCommerce also carries other products, for example hotplates and stirrers. Call (408) 265-6482 for more information.
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ID DescriptionPriceAvailability
1675Shimadzu Top Loading Balances - UW420H (UniBloc), 420g capacity and 0.001g (1mg) readability - Reduced Pricing - Demo Unit In Original Factory Packaging$800.00 In-Stock
1895Barnstead/Thermolyne MEL-TEMP 3.0 Melting Point Apparatus, Digital, Programmable, 400°C$950.00 In-Stock
2347Perkin Elmer Pyris 1 TGA and Spare Parts Kit, Part No. N5370030$3500.00 In-Stock
2387BTX Enhancer 400 Graphic Pulse Display Monitor$900.00 In-Stock
3048Mettler Excellence Plus X56 Microbalance$13500.00 In-Stock
3242Mettler LC-P45 Printer for Use with Mettler Balances and Scales$315.00 In-Stock
3244Mettler LC-P45 Printer for Use with Mettler Balances and Scales, Includes RS232 Interface Cable and LocalCAN Cable$350.00 In-Stock
3258Metrohm 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer, 852 Titrando, 803 Ti Stand, Remote Control Station, and Other Accessories, including Cables and Power Supplies- In-Stock
3259Metrohm 842 Titrando with 1L Kimble/Kimax graduated media bottle, capped; Includes stainless steel rod and other accessories- In-Stock
3263Metrohm 6.1418.150 Glass Titration Vessel with Two (2) Side Arms and a KF Titration Vessel Lid, P/N 6.1414.030 (4.652-1000)- In-Stock
3265Metrohm 6.1415.250 Glass Titration Vessel with a KF Titration Vessel Lid, P/N 6.1414.030 (6 ports), and 6.0338.100 Double Pt-Wire Electrode for Volumetry- In-Stock
3266Metrohm 6.1418.250 Glass Titration Vessel with a Titration Vessel Lid, P/N 44201930 (6 ports)- In-Stock
3267Metrohm 803 Ti Stand, Metrohm 6.2061.010 Exchange Unit, Metrohm 6.1464.320 KF Titration Vessel (Glass) for 200mL Capacity - All with Accessories- In-Stock
3268Metrohm 801 Stirrer/Stand, Clean and In Excellent Condition- In-Stock
3269Metrohm 852 Titrando Coulometer, 803 Ti Stand, 6.2061.010 Exchange Unit, Metrohm 800 Dosino, and Accessories- In-Stock
3271Metrohm Pt100 Temperature Sensor (PN 6.1114.010) with Stainless Steel Needle and Fixed Cable- In-Stock
3277Metrohm 730 Sample Changer with 24-Position Sample Rack 6.2041.340 and 6.1432.210 Sample Beaker (24 each Clear Glass, 250mL) with Sleeves for Protection; Also includes SC Controller- In-Stock
3278Metrohm 730 Sample Changer Type 1.730.0010/28160 with 16-Position Sample Rack 6.2041.320 and SC Controller- In-Stock
Metrohm 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer, 852 Titrando, 803 Ti Stand, Remote Control Station, and Other Accessories, including Cables and Power Supplies
Assorted Laboratory Glassware
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-602C (DKN602C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 5.3 cu.ft., Room temp.+10 to 260°C, 115VAC
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DKN-812C (DKN812C, DKN812) Forced Convection Oven, 10.6 cu.ft. or 300L, Room Temperature +10 to 260°C, 220VAC, Model DKN-812C (DKN812)
LOW PRICE - NEW Yamato DX-402C (DX402C, DX402, 115VAC) or DX-412C (DX412C, DX412, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Max 300°C, Capacity 2.6 cu. ft. or 74L
NEW Yamato DX-602C (DX602C, 115VAC) or DX-612C (DX612C, 220VAC) Natural Convection Oven, Room Temperature +5°C to 280°C, NEW
Yamato DKN-402C (DKN402C) Mechanical (Forced) Convection Oven, 3.2 cu.ft. or 90L, Max. 260°C, 115VAC, NEW
NEW Yamato Oven Stand for DX, DVS, DKN 400 and 600 models
Yamato Autoclave with Dryer SM-501 (SM501), 1.7 cu. ft. (47L) Capacity, 115VAC
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-200C (SK200C) autoclave, 24-Liter Capacity,
Yamato Top-Loading, Economical SK-300C (SK300C) autoclave, 30-Liter Capacity