Includes Sentech color camera and Nikon illuminator.
1X adapter / 12X ultrazoon coax / ring light interface.
X/Y stage: ML 120mm / Interval 20 µm.
Schott light source / Dyna Lite power supply / cables.
Includes: computer tower / software / instructions.

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Nikon Measuring Microscope, Model MM-400/S, with Lightsource, Power Supply, Operating Instructions, and Computer Tower with Preinstalled Software, 150VAC

Designed for industrial measurement and image analysis, the Nikon Measuring Microscope, model no. MM-400/S, provides full edge detection with data processing and storage capabilities, through Nikon's EMAX2 metrology software (preinstalled on the computer).

This microscope comes with:

  • an RF Electronics Y stage, type MSA 6507, P/N C05360201005, featuring ML 120mm (travel), Interval 20 µm, RI-Code 02, Square Wave Signal, with Stage Glass Dimensions of 7.5"L x 5.5"W; and
  • an RF Electronics X stage, type MSA 6507, P/N C05360201010, featuring ML170mm (travel), Interval 20 µm, RI-Code 02, Square Wave Signal, with Stage Surface Area/Dimensions of 8.5"W x 11"L.

Note: Measurement of X and Y travel requires a counter or data processor with measurement capabilities.

Additionally, it includes a Navitar 12X Ultrazoom Coax, Model 1-50503D, AGH Kit # 109, with Navitar Machine Vision Ring Light Interface/Adapter, Model 2-50017. Also included as an attachment to the camera are (1) a Navitar C-Mount Coupler, Model 1-6010, and (2) a Navitar 1X Standard Adapter, Model 1-6015.

Furthermore, this measuring microscope includes the following other parts and/or accessories:

  • Sentech STC-620AS N Color Camera, 1/2" High Resolution, RGH Kit # 503A2;
  • Nikon Illuminator, Model MM-ED1, attached to the back of the Nikon MM-400/S measuring microscope;
  • Schott (A.G. Heinze Precision Micro-Optics) Light Source, P/N 20500/22, 60Hz, 3A, 150W Output, with Fostec Flexible Light Pipe for Co-Axial AGH Kit # 109 (Connects to Schott light source), Model 1-60162, black color, with power cord;
  • Dyna Lite 150 Fiber Optic Power Supply, Model DL-150, 115-120VAC, 60Hz, 3A, 150W Output, with cable (silver color) and power cord;
  • Green Filter Lenses;
  • Computer tower (hard drive) with pre-installed software, operating instructions, associated cables, and power cord.

Condition: Very Good, tested, fully operational; includes Schott light source, Dyna Lite power supply, computer tower with preinstalled software, operating instructions, and associated cables and power cords. Sold "as is," without warranty, expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible for determining the suitability of this product for their application.

Item Code: MIC-3230
Model: MM-400/S with accessories
Manufacturer: Nikon
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $9500.00

Electrical Requirements (Schott Light Source):115VAC, 60Hz, 3A, 150W Output, with cable/power cord.
Electrical Requirements (Dyna Lite Power Supply):115-120VAC, 60Hz, 3A, 150W Output, with cable/power cord.
Temperature Range:0°C to 40°C; -20 to +60◦C Storage Temperature.
2 Axis Movement:X and Y; Manual (dual side coarse/fine focus knob).
Optical Head:
  • Accepts monocular or trinocular;
  • Fixed magnification optical head when used as a measuring microscope;
  • Upright, erect image.
Includes:1X adapter / 12X ultrazoom coax / ring light interface.
Focusing Mount:
  • Travel per rotation of knob - Coarse Focus: approximately 38.3 mm/rev;
  • Travel per rotation of knob - Fine Focus: approximately 0.18 mm/rev.
External Dimensions (MM-400/S):16.5"W x 26.25"D x 30.5"H
External Dimensions (Schott light source):7.25"W x 8.75"D x 6"H + black cable
External Dimensions (Dyna Lite 150 light source):4.75"W x 9.5"D x 6.5"H + silver cable
Stage Glass Dimensions: 7.5"L x 5.5"W.Stage Surface Area: 11"L x 8.5"W.
Shipping Weight:Dimensional Weight (boxed and shipped on a pallet).

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