Uses fluorescence method.
Parts are intact and in good condition.
Complete with objectives/eyepieces/accessories.
More objectives are available - inquire separately.

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Leica Leitz DMRB Fluorescence Microscope with Accessories

The Leica Leitz DMR microscope provides enhanced object identification by using fluorescence illumination. It also allows bright and darkfield illumination techniques, phase contrasts, and condenser height adjustment. This previously-owned Leitz DMR has the eyepieces (L PLAN 10x/25, Leica P/N 506800), rotatable reflector turret, lamp housing for incident light, lamp holder, manual stage, and other parts intact. OBJECTIVES included in this sale: * N PLAN 2.5x/0.07 (Leica P/N 506051) * N PLAN 5x/0.11 (Leica P/N 506029) * N PLAN 10x/.22 PH 1 (Leica P/N 506023) * N PLAN 20x/0.40 PH 1 (Leica P/N 506024) * N PLAN 40x/0.65 PH 2 (Leica P/N 506053) * PL FLUOTAR 100x/1.30 OIL (Leica P/N 506008) * PL FLUOTAR 1.6x/0.05 (Leica P/N 506053) NOTE: We also have other objectives that are sold separately (contact us for a quotation). ACCESSORIES:* Leica WILD MPS28 camera controller with digital display and three ports (databack, camera, power). * Leica WILD MPS32 camera, 28/10x/MPS. * Leica power supply, Model E4-H100-SL, 110/240V, 1 PH, 50/60Hz, 160W, 5DC nominal Amp. * Leica DMR manual. * USH10 halogen lamp, Type USH-102DH. This microscope is in good condition. Since this is a delicate instrument, we recommend extra protection for shipping.

Item Code: MIC-1627
Model: Leitz DMRB
Manufacturer: Leica
Availability: In-Stock
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