Uses fluorescence method.
Parts are intact and in good condition.
Complete with objectives/eyepieces/accessories.
Includes accessories as shown in photos.

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Leica Leitz DMRB Fluorescence Microscope with Accessories

The Leica Leitz DMR, Type 301-37.010 (501001/161240) microscope provides enhanced object identification by using fluorescence illumination. It also allows bright and darkfield illumination techniques, phase contrasts, and condenser height adjustment. This previously-owned Leitz DMR has the eyepieces (L PLAN 10x/25, Leica P/N 506800), rotatable reflector turret, lamp housing for incident light, lamp holder, manual stage, and other parts intact. OBJECTIVES included in this sale: * N PLAN 2.5x/0.07 (Leica P/N 506051) * N PLAN 10x/.22 PH 1 (Leica P/N 506023) * N PLAN 20x/0.40 PH 1 (Leica P/N 506024) * N PLAN 40x/0.65 PH 2 (Leica P/N 506053) * PL FLUOTAR 100x/1.30 OIL (Leica P/N 506008) * PL FLUOTAR 1.6x/0.05 (Leica P/N 506053) ACCESSORIES:* Leica WILD MPS28 camera controller with digital display and three ports (databack, camera, power). * Leica WILD MPS32 camera, 28/10x/MPS. * Leica power supply, Model E4-H100-SL, 110/240V, 1 PH, 50/60Hz, 160W, 5DC nominal Amp. * Leica DMR manual.* This microscope is in good condition. Since this is a delicate instrument, we recommend extra protection for shipping.

Electrical Requirements: 120/230V, 50/60Hz.

Item Code: MIC-1627
Model: Leitz DMRB
Manufacturer: Leica
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Electrical Requirements:120/230V, 50/60Hz, with power cord and power supply.

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