4-necked round bottom flask with 3000mL capacity.
29/42 center neck - vertical.
24/40 side necks - vertical
Round bottom and heavy wall.
Quantity Available: 2 each.

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Chemglass Round Bottom Flask, 3000mL, 4 Necks, Vertical, 29/42 Center, 24/40 Sides (3), CG-1530-10, Two (2) Each Available

Ideal for boiling samples, the 4-necked Chemglass round bottom flask has a capacity of 3000mL or 3 liters. It features four (4) necks, with vertical top ground joints: 29/42 center and 24/40 sides. The walls are made of heavy glass material.

Note: The cork stand is not included in this sale.

Quantity Available: Two (2) each, both with cosmetic imperfection (some scratches) due to previous use. Also, the side and rear joints of the second had been repaired. Photos of the other unit are available upon request.

Item Code: GLA-3077
Model: CG-1530-10
Manufacturer: Chemglass
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $80.00

Top Ground Joints/Necks:29/42 center neck, 24/40 side necks - all vertical.
Overall Dimension:Approximately 7L x 7W x 9.75H (inches).
Net Weight:2 lbs.
Shipping Weight:5 lbs. (17 lbs. billable due to box dimensions).

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