Clear color allows convenient viewing of desiccant.
Comes with a perforated 5.5-inch plate/shelf for air flow.
Tubulation on top of lid.
Silicone O-ring for air tight seal.
Clean / Good Condition / Other sizes available.

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Wheaton Desiccator (clear) with Lid (dry seal), 7.5-inch Diameter x 8.5-inch Height (with cover)

Designed for efficiency in daily use, the shape of this Wheaton desiccator allows easy removal of desiccant materials. Clear color of bowl and cover allows convenient viewing of desiccant materials. This dessicator has tubulation on the top and a removable perforated shelf. The silicone O-ring allows for an air tight seal when vacuum is used.

Plate Dimension: Approximately 5.5 inches.

Note: Photo is that of a sold item. Photos of the used desiccator for sale are available upon request.

Item Code: GLA-2557
Model: 3289879
Manufacturer: Wheaton
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Shipping Weight:10 lbs., including packaging.
External Dimensions:7.5-inch diameter x 8.5H inches.

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