600mL capacity.
90mm disc diameter x M porosity.
100mm Stem length x 19mm Stem O.D.
240mm Height x 100mm Body O.D.
In original factory packaging / Excellent / Clean.

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New Kontes Buchner Funnel M, 600mL Capacity

New and in original factory packaging, this new Kontes Buchner funnel M, P/N 955000-6044, has a 600mL capacity.Please see technical specifications below for more information.

Item Code: GLA-2219
Model: Kontes
Manufacturer: Kimble
Availability: Sold
Selling Price: Sold

Approximate Disc Diameter:90mm x M porosity.
Stem:100mm length x 19mm O.D.
Height x Body O.D.:240mm height x 100mm body O.D.
Shipping Weight:Approximately 6 lbs., including packaging.

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