3 Vertical Necks: 34/45 Center, 24/40 Sides.
Ground joints.
Round bottom / Heavy wall.

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Kontes (Kimble) Flask, 3 Necks, 2000mL Capacity, 35/45 Center, 24/40 Sides, Vertical

This is a previously-owned (used) Kontes (Kimble) 3-necked flask with two 24/40 ground side joints and one 34/45 center neck; vertical joints, round bottom, heavy wall, approximately 161 mm in diameter; Kontes P/N 606000-2024. It is in good and clean condition. Maximum capacity: 2000mL or 2 liters.

Note: The cork stand is not included in this sale.

Item Code: GLA-2114
Model: 606000-2024
Manufacturer: Kimble
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $32.00

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