Round bottom and heavy wall vacuum trap.
1000mL capacity.
Long single neck with #40 outer joint connection.
Accepts #65 pinch clamp // Includes glass stopper.
Clean and in excellent condition.

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Chemglass Vacuum Trap, Round Bottom, 1000mL, Long Neck, #40 Glass Stopper, #65 Pinch Clamp

This previously-owned/used, round-bottom Chemglass vacuum trap has a capacity of 1000mL. The outer/top joint accepts a #40 stopper and a #65 pinch clamp (may be of different material and color).

We also have some traps (body) with 500mL capacity.

Note: The cork stand and o'ring are not included in this sale; however, we can include a new o'ring for an extra charge of $20.00.

Quantity: We have several traps (body) and stoppers, but we have limited number of #65 clamps. Please inquire as to availability as inventory changes frequently.

Item Code: GLA-1910
Model: CG-4531-04 (body), CG-4531-06 (stopper), CG-150-09
Manufacturer: Chemglass
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $155.00

Dimensions:Approximately 16"L x 5"W x 7.5"H (body, stopper
Net Weight:2 lbs. (body, stopper, clamp)
Shipping Weight:Approx. 4 lbs. (15 lbs. billable), including packaging.
Also Available:CG-4531-03 500mL trap body only for $38.00.

CG-4531-05 500mL glass stopper only for $55.00.

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