8mL approximate overflow volume.
13-415 threaded-neck finish.
Approx. 1020 total (4 packs of 255 pcs. per pack).
Borosilicate glass with round bottom.

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VWR Culture Media Tubes, 13x100mm (1 case of approx. 1020 pcs.)

You are viewing one (1) case of approximately 1,020 pcs. (4 packs of 255 pcs. per pack), VWR Culture Media Tubes, 13x100mm, with threaded-neck finish (13-415) and an overflow volume of approximately 8mL, previously-owned, but sealed with plastic and unused. Made of borosilicate glass; round bottom. VWR Catalog No. 53283-800.

Item Code: GLA-1580
Model: Cat. No. 53283-800
Manufacturer: VWR
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $140.00

Size:13 x 100 mm
Approximate overflow volume:8mL
Thread finish:13-415
Material:Borosilicate glass
Quantity:Approximately 1,020 pcs. (4 packs x 255 pcs/pack)

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