Ace Glass Extraction Condenser Part No. 6740-10
Allihn style.
55/50 joint.
Clean and excellent condition.
Kimax model is also available (better condition).

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Ace Glass Allihn Condenser 6740-10 or Kimax Equivalent, 55/50 Joint, Clean

This extraction condenser has 55/50 joint on one end. It is an Allihn-type reflux condenser, designed to connect to a soxhlet extraction apparatus. (Note: The tip is slightly broken, but it can be smoothened.)

Note: We also have a Kimax equivalent that is in better condition, and is therefore slightly higher priced (please inquire about pricing). Photo is available upon request.

Item Code: GLA-1347
Model: Ace Glass 6740-10 equivalent to Chemglass CG-1368-
Manufacturer: Ace Glass or Kimax equivalent
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $42.00

Part No.:Ace Glass 6740-10 or Kimax equivalent
Condition:Clean, with slightly broken tip (Kimax is good).

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