Hemisphere shape with wide mouth.
3.9-inch I.D. x 2.1-inch deep.
Short and shallow model designed for 250mL flasks.
275mL or 9.3 oz. capacity.
Protective aluminum base for added protection.

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Pope Vacuum Dewar Flask, Shallow Hemisphere, 275mL Capacity, Fits 250mL Flask, Two (2) Each Available

Designed for 250mL flask size, this shallow-form (275-mL capacity) Dewar flask permit cooling operations not practical with standard cylindrical or spherical Dewars. Applications include rapid freezing and recovery of tissue/organ specimens, insertion of small flasks, agitation in flasks, mixing and tamping with stirring rods or pestles. Cooling range is from dry ice/acetone to liquid nitrogen.

Condition: Excellent, clean, previously-owned, used. Sold "as is" without warranty, expressed or implied. Buyer is responsible for determining the suitability of this product for their application.

Quantity Available: Two (2) each, with similar condition.

Item Code: GLA-1255
Model: 8120
Manufacturer: Pope Scientific Inc.
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $85.00

Internal Dimensions:3.9-inch I.D. x 2.1-inch deep.
Capacity/Size:9.3 oz. (275 ml); use for 250 ml (8.4 oz.) flask size.
Designed for Flask Size:250mL
External Dimensions:5.25-inch O.D. x 3-1/8-inch high.
Net Weight:1 lb.
Shipping Weight:9 lbs. due to box dimensions.

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