CaSO4 versatile desiccant.
Drierite laboratory gas drying unit.
Heat one to two hours at 200L per hour.

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W. A. Hammond Drierite Laboratory Gas Drying Unit, Versatile Desiccant, 200

CaSO4 versatile desiccant with barbed inlet and outlet. Indicating Drierite is regenerated by spreading in thin layers and heating uniformly one to two hours at 200L per hour.

Item Code: GLA-1225
Model: Drierite
Manufacturer: W. A. Hammond Drierite Co.
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $50.00

Dimensions:2-1/2-inch diameter x 11-1/4-inch H
Operating Temperature:Heat in single layer 1 to 2 hours at 200L per hour.
Maximum Operating Pressure:90 psig.
Stock No.:26800
Shipping Weight:Approximately 5 lbs., including packaging.

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