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Assorted Laboratory Glassware

LabCommerce carries assorted glassware - adapters, airfree flasks, beakers, boiling flasks (round bottom), bottles (e.g., media, reagent, solution, washing), Buchner funnels (porcelain, glass), carboys, culture tubes, cylinders, dewars, Erlenmeyer flasks, filter flasks with tubulation, flat-bottom flasks, pear flasks, Raysorb or light-sensitive volumetric flasks with or without stoppers, reaction flasks (2-necked, 3-necked, 4-necked, 5-necked), reaction tubes, separatory funnels, vacuum traps, vials, volumetric flasks (redlined and nonredlined), TC20°C and TC(IN)20°C, Class A or B, with or without stoppers], and other glassware products used for chemical analysis - all in different volume capacities and sizes.Please call us at (408) 265-6482 for availability, as inventory changes daily.

Item Code: GLA-1063
Model: CG, Pyrex, Kimax, and other assorted models
Manufacturer: Chemglass, Corning, Kimble, Labglass, Ace Glass, VWR, and other leading manufacturers
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Quantity:Varies by model, by type, by manufacturer

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