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Assorted Laboratory Glassware

LabCommerce carries assorted glassware - adapters, airfree flasks, beakers, boiling flasks (round bottom), bottles (e.g., media, reagent, solution, washing), Buchner funnels (porcelain, glass), carboys (e.g., 9L, 13L, 50L), culture tubes (e.g., 13x100mm, 16x100mm, 16x150mm, 12x75mm), cylinders, dewars, Erlenmeyer flasks, filter flasks with tubulation, flat-bottom flasks, pear flasks, Raysorb or light-sensitive volumetric flasks with or without stoppers, reaction flasks (2-necked, 3-necked, 4-necked, 5-necked), reaction tubes, separatory funnels, vacuum traps, vials, volumetric flasks [redlined and nonredlined, TC20°C and TC(IN)20°C, Class A or B, with or without stoppers], and other glassware products used for chemical analysis - all in different volume capacities and sizes.

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Item Code: GLA-1063
Model: CG, Pyrex, Kimax, and other assorted models
Manufacturer: Chemglass, Corning, Kimble, Labglass, Ace Glass, VWR, and other leading manufacturers
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Quantity:Varies by model, by type, by manufacturer

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