Made of brass.
150 psig water service.
150 psig air, inert gas service.
24VAC/60 Hz
22VAC/50 Hz.

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ASCO 3/4 in. FNPT Solenoid Valve, Two-Way, Brass

There are three available corresponding to Cat. No. 8210G95V, and two matching Cat. No. 9210G95; all are in original box with instructions.

Item Code: FHC-1260
Model: Red Hat II
Manufacturer: Automatic Switch Co. (ASCO)
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $30.00

Rebuild Kit No.:302276-V
Air, Inert Gas Service:150 psig.
Water Service:150 psig.
Electrical Requirements:24VAC/60 Hz, 22VAC/50 Hz; 10.1 Watts.
Size of Pipe:3/4 in.
Condition:Never used, new; ports still capped; in original box.
Comes with Instructions?Yes
Date Code:9321
Quantity, Catalog No. 8210G95V:3 (one is S/N FFP40715)
Quantity, Catalog No. 8210G95:2

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