6.2041.320 Sample Rack 16 positions
Includes SC Controller and power supply
Draft Shield and Tower
Electrode holder with 9 ports
Clean / Decommissioned / Fully Operational

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Metrohm 730 Sample Changer Type 1.730.0010/28160 with 16-Position Sample Rack 6.2041.320 and SC Controller

Clean and in excellent condition (sold as is), this used/previously-owned Metrohm 730 Sample Changer (Type 1.730.0010/28160) has the following parts:

  • One (1) each 6.2041.320 16-position sample rack;
  • Motor (tower) with connecting ports (9 positions) under the draft shield for electrodes
  • Draft shield

Also included are one (1) each SC Controller and one (1) each power cord.

Side Ports:

  • Power
  • Two (2) MSB ports
  • Remote control

Back Ports:

  • External bus (female connection)
  • Address Port
  • RS232 (male connection)
  • Keyboard/SC Controller Port

Item Code: ANA-3278
Model: 730 Type 1730001028160, 62041320 (sample rack)
Manufacturer: Metrohm
Availability: Sold
Selling Price: Sold

Electrical Requirements:100-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz; includes power supply

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