Metrohm 842 Titrator stand
Stainless steel rod with holder for glass titrator vessel
2 USB ports / 4 MSB ports / Other ports shown in photo
Includes 1 each Kimble/Kimax 1000mL media bottle
Excellent condition / Clean

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Metrohm 842 Titrando with 1L Kimble/Kimax graduated media bottle, capped; Includes stainless steel rod and other accessories

This previously-owned Metrohm 842 Titrando is equipped with a 16-inch stainless steel rod and a glass titrator vessel holder. The teal contraption on top of the media bottle has a capacity of 20mL. As shown in the photos, there are two (2) placeholders for media bottles on top of the 842 Titrando. Only one (1) clear media bottle is shown; however, we can provide another media bottle if available.

NOTE: Clean and in excellent condition. Sold as is.

Item Code: ANA-3259
Model: 842
Manufacturer: Metrohm
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Electrical Requirements:100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 45W; includes power supply
Ports:4 MSB, 2 USB, Input, Ref., Ind., Controller, Temp., Power
Stainless Steel:8 inches high
  • 1 each Kimble/Kimax 1L media bottle P/N 14395, with cap & accessories as shown in photo
  • 1 each stainless steel rod
  • 1 each titration vessel holder (removable from rod)
Dimensions:5-5/8W (8W with rod stand) x 9-1/8D x 8-7/8H inches.
Net Weight:9 lbs. with media bottle, power supply and accessories
Shipping Weight:Dimensional weight (with bottle, rod, and accessories)

  Several Metrohm products are available. Please inquire at (408) 265-6482 about this and other Metrohm-related products, including 885 Compact Oven, 852 Titrando, 801 Ti Stand, 800 Dosino, 730 Oven Sample Changer, Exchange Units, glass titrator vessels, and spare parts.