Comes with Spare Parts Kit (N537-0485).
Reaches temperatures of up to 1000°C.
Up to 1300mg sample mass.
0.1°C/min to 200°C/min scanning rate.
Excellent and clean. Software not included.

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Perkin Elmer Pyris 1 TGA and Spare Parts Kit, Part No. N5370030

This Perkin Elmer Pyrus 1 TGA Thermogravimetric Analyzer (P/N: N537-0030) is the standard furnace model. It uses a high-sensitivity ultra-microbalance and an efficient gas switching system for quick, accurate results.

NOTE: Please contact LabCommerce for more information.

Condition: Previously-owned, used, but in clean cosmetic condition. Spare parts kit is almost complete.

The Pyris 1 TGA Spare Parts Kit (P/N: N537-0485) includes the following accessories:

  • Hang Down Wire Kit (N537-0487),
  • Rubber Cement (0992-3480),
  • Pinch Clamp #35 (0990-4905),
  • Magnet Assy (N537-0466),
  • Tare Weight (N537-0441, N537-0472),
  • Stirrup Kit (0319-0265),
  • Pan Kit (0319-0264),
  • Calibration Standards Kit: Alum Sample Pan Kit, 0219-0041, Nickel, Perkalloy, HISAT-50, Iron,
  • Five (5) sets of three (3) fuses: 0998-1611, 1.0A; 0998-1614, 2.0A; 0998-1617, 5.0A; 0998-1619, 0.375A; 0998-1753, 10.0A10.
  • 1.3mm Hex Wrench (0992-3481),
  • 0.050-in. Hex Wrench (0990-7236),
  • Tube Clamp (0990-3011),
  • Two (2) Furnace Inserts (N537-6556),
  • Furnace Assy Teflon Washer (N537-6562),
  • O-Rings: **0990-2031, ** 0990-2131, ** 0990-2163, ** 0990-2213, ** 0990-2223

Item Code: ANA-2347
Model: Pyris 1
Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $4995.00

Electrical Requirements:110-240V, 50/60Hz, 10A
Temperature Range:Subambient to 1000°C
Temperature Precision:± 2°C
Scanning Rates:0.1°C/min to 200°C/min
Sample Mass:Up to 1300mg
Balance Tare:Reproducible to ± 2µg
Balance Sensitivity:0.1µg
Balance Accuracy:Better than 0.02%
Balance Precision:0.001%
Overall Dimensions:11W x 24D x 26H inches
Shipping Weight:Dim. Wt. (please contact us for a shipping quotation)

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