5.1g maximum capacity.
Stabilization time of 9-12 seconds.
RS-232 female serial port.
Includes a power supply.
Touchscreen/keypad operation/hands-free sensors.

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Mettler MX5 Balance 5.1g (5100mg) Capacity, 1ug Readability

Featuring proFACT (Fully Automatic Calibration Technology), this Mettler MX5 Balance has a maximum capacity of 5.1g or 5100mg and a readability of 1 microgram. The weighing cell has a motorized glass draft shield.Other Features:

  • Hands-free sensors.
  • Touchscreen or keypad operation.
  • Stabilization time of 9-12 seconds.
  • Pan size: 1.06 inches (27mm).
  • RS-232 port.
  • Includes a power supply and an operating manual.
All parts - control unit, terminal (keyboard), plastic cover for keyboard, weighing cell, weighing pan, and glass draft shield - are intact and in excellent condition.

Note: The photos shown are those of a sold unit (some accessories may no longer be available). Photos of the unit for sale are available upon request.

Item Code: GEN-1739
Model: MX5
Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $5800.00

Power Supply Connector with AC/DC adapter (input):100-240V, 50/60Hz, 0.7A.
Power Supply Connector with AC/DC adapter (output):12V, 2.08A, 25W maximum.
Ambient Temperature:5°C to 40°C
Warm-Up Time:At least 120 minutes after connecting the balance to the power supply; when switched on from standby-mode, the balance is ready for operation immediately.
Maximum Load (Capacity):5.1g or 5100mg
Taring Range:0 to 5.1g or 5100mg
Repeatability (at full load) and in range 2-5g:0.9ug
Repeatability (in range 0-2g):0.8ug
Stabilization Time:9-12 seconds.
No. of Built-in Weights:2
Weighing Cell Dimensions:5.04W x 11.30D x 4.45H inches.
Control Unit Dimensions:8.82W x 14.41D x 3.70H inches.
Weighing Pan Diameter:1.06 inches
Effective Height of Draft Shield:2.17 inches

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