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Electropolishing and Parts Cleaning
For electropolishing and parts cleaning, call a LabCommerce representative today to discuss how we might help you with the following:

  • Electropolishing of 300 Series stainless steel for passivation, improved surface morphology, cosmetic appearance, oxidation removal and corrosion resistance enhancement.

  • Chemical Cleaning, involving a variety of acid bath treatments for process and aluminum, titanium, copper, ceramic and plastic components.

  • Cleanroom Rinsing and Packaging - Class 100 packaging and parts rinsing with ultrapure hot deionized water, purified nitrogen drying and vacuum packaging, with or without nitrogen purge.

  • Oxygen Clean Servicing - Clean fittings, tubes or pipes of up to 20 feet in length.

  • Bright Dip - Copper and brass.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning.

  • Citrus Degreasing – The major ingredient for this cleaning process is a citrus-based cleaning agent. Aside from being free from volatile organic compounds and therefore environmentally safe, this process is highly effective in degreasing and general parts cleaning. It's an effective parts cleaning method following machining and sheet metal fabrication.

  • Clean Room Assembly - High purity products assembled or integrated in a cleanroom environment for contamination control.

  • Leak checking to 1 x 10(-9) scc He.

Benefits of Electropolishing and Parts Cleaning

  • Creates clean, uniform finish.

  • Removes burrs and weldbead oxidation.

  • Creates bright, highly reflective appearance.

  • Resists impregnation of bacteria on the surface.

  • Chemically-bonded oxide layer resists corrosion.

  • Improves fatigue life of springs and stampings by removing surface impurities.

  • Causes no hydrogen embrittlement,

  • Passivates and cleans without coatings or residues.

  • Eliminates need for multiple finishing operations.

Call LabCommerce at (408) 265-6482 or email us at info@LabCommerce.com to describe what you need.