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Test and Calibration Services
As a reseller with customer satisfaction in mind, LabCommerce only acquires surplus equipment, used or unused, that have name recognition in the industry and are in good to excellent condition. As an added value, we offer the following leak testing and calibration services:

a) Helium-leak Testing of:

  • Manifolds
  • Weldments
  • Vessels

b) Calibration Services:

  • Dimensional calibration
  • Digital dimensional devices
  • Physical calibration
  • Force, torque calibration and analysis
  • Viscosity, hardness and tester calibration
  • Thermodynamic calibration
  • Vacuum
  • Temperature testing
  • Humidity
  • Measurement of angles: Angle Gage Blocks

Call us today at (408) 265-6482 or email us at info@LabCommerce.com, and we will discuss with you how we can add value to your company’s testing and calibration needs.