Two (2) available from stock
Stainless steel, Viton seat and seal.
Includes 24-hr critical orifice
Constant flow rate for 24 hour sampling in a 6L canister

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Flow Controllers for Air Sampling Canisters

ApplicationThe SC Series flow controllers are specifically designed for ambient air sampling. The device will maintain a constant flow rate with variations in downsteam pressure ranging from 28 in. Hg (i.e., an evacuated canister) to 5 in. Hg (approximating one atmosphere when the canister

Item Code: AIR-1197
Model: SC series
Manufacturer: Parker Veriflo
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Maximum Inlet Pressure:5 psig (.35 bar)
Outlet Pressure:Atmospheric
Flow Range:3 sccm to 5 sccm
Operating Temperature:ambient
  • 1/4 in. NPTF inlet and outlet.
Shipping Weight:1.75 lbs (.8 kgs.)
Materials of Construction:316 stainless steel, Viton seal and seat.
Option:Gauge port.
Flow Rate:Constant at 3-4 sccm (24-hour period for 6-liter canister).
To order fittings for outlet of flow controller:1/4 in. male NPT x 1/4 in. tube stub-316 stainless:Part Number: 4MA4N-316
Installation Note:Wrap the threads of the fixed orifice (or any stainless male pipe thread) with Teflon tape before installing into the flow controller. Without tape there is a high potential for thread leakage and more importantly, thread galling (damage to threads). Do not tape the first thread, and wrap the threads about 4-5 turns. Do not overtighten when threading the fitting into the flow controller.

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