Greater weld inspectability due to cylindrical design.
Better passivation due to superior design and surface finishes.
Stable samples over time due to high purity cleaning process.
304L stainless steel.

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X23L Three-Liter Stabilizer

Three-liter Stabilizer canisters are fabricated from carefully inspected 304L stainless steel. The low carbon 304L grade of stainless steel makes it possible to achieve the highest integrity welds by minimizing the problems associated with carbide precipitation. All canister body welds are also fully penetrated while purged with a continuous blanket of ultrapure argon. The resulting oxidation-free and particle-free surface alleviates the potential for unswept surface areas and the entrapment of contaminants.

Item Code: X23L-1003
Model: X23L
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: On Request
Price: $495.00

Materials of Construction, Canister Body:304L stainless steel
Valve:Swagelok SS-4H Bellows Valve, 316SS body, S17400/A564 seat.
Valve Connection:1/4" tube fitting
Gauge:30 psi/30" Hg, 316LSS.
Gauge Connection:1/4" NPT; connection below gauge.
Maximum Length (with valve):18.5" (47 cm)
Diameter:4" (10.2 cm)
Maximum Weight (varies by valve and options):4.84 lbs. (2.2 kgs.)
Part Number:X23L

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