New and unused (not previously-owned).
Vertical and rotary shaking method.
Speed of approximately 20 to 210 times/minute.
Timer from 0 to 60 minutes.
One-year warranty from date of shipment.

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Yamato Shakers for Horizontal/Vertical and Rotary Shaking, 20-210 Times/Minute - Model SA-320 (SA320), 115VAC

The Yamato SA-320 shakers are ideal for horizontal, vertical and rotary shaking. This model has speeds of approximately 20 to 210 times per minute. The timer can be set for up to 60 minutes.

Accessories One (1) each fuse, and one (1) set of carbon brush.

All new products from Yamato are covered by a one-year warranty from the date of shipment.

Item Code: YAM-1868
Model: SA-320
Manufacturer: Yamato
Availability: In-Stock
List Price: $3002.00
Selling Price: Call for Quote

Electrical Specifications:115VAC, single phase, 1.9A, 50/60Hz.
Shaking Method (SA320):Horizontal/Vertical and rotary shaking.
Condition:New and unused (not previously-owned) w/ warranty.
Shaking Speed:Approximately 20 to 210 times per minute.
Speed Control:Stepless speed control by thyristor.
Timer:0 to 60 minutes.
Motor:DC motor, 90W.
External Dimensions:16.6W x 18.1D x 18.1H inches.
Optional Accessories:List Price: $148.00 per set, Erlenmeyer flask holder clamp for 100mL, 10 pcs/set, P/N 232062.

List Price: $109.00 per set, Erlenmeyer flask holder clamp for 500mL, 4 pcs/set, P/N 232065.

List Price: $95.00 per set, Erlenmeyer flask holder clamp for 1000mL, 2 pcs/set, P/N 232066.

List Price: $903.00 each, test tube holder, P/N 232086.

List Price: $833.00 each, centrifugal tube holder, P/N 232087.

List Price: $304.00 each, separating funnel holder, 50, 100-1000, 2000mL, P/N 232089.

List Price: $148 each, separating funnel holder, 100-1000mL, P/N 232096.

List Price: $466.00 each, Erlenmeyer flask holder, adjustable, 100-1000mL, P/N 232097.
Shipping Weight:Approximately 160 lbs. (180 lbs. domestic dim weight with 36L x 36W x 27H-inch pallet). Please contact us for more information on shipping methods and rates. We will also need to know if your company needs a liftgate at delivery.

Shipping Terms: FOB, Santa Clara, CA, via best way (truck delivery); shipped on a pallet. The shipping cost, including insurance, packaging, pallet, liftgate at pickup, transit and dropoff (if required) will be added to the selling price. Shipping to the US only. Sales tax applies to California sales.

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