Volume: 125mL
#22 Cap.
Clear glass.
Clean / Excellent Condition / No Chips.

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Pair of Kimax Iodine Determination Flask, 125mL, with Barrelhead and #22 Glass Stopper

In clean and excellent condition, this pair of Kimax Iodine Determination Flasks with barrelhead, P/N 27200, 125mL, has a #22 glass stopper.

Shipping Weight: Approximately 4 lbs. including packaging.

Item Code: GLA-1793
Model: 27200 125
Manufacturer: Kimble (Kimax)
Availability: In-Stock
Selling Price: $30.00

Shipping Weight:Approximately 4 lbs., including packaging.
Kimble Part No.:27200 125
Reference VWR Catalog No.:89001-836

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