Full-scale accuracy.
Operating temperatures from -40°C

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Gauges and Regulators

  • 2-1-2% (low quarter, middle half, upper quarter), full-scale accuracy.

  • Operating temperatures from -40°C.

Item Code: AIR-1192
Model: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Availability: On Request
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Part No. 4820-4CB-30/30 (sampling canister gauge):2 in. stainless steel gauge, 1/4 in. connection, 30 in. Hg vacuum/30 psig.
Part No. 4820-4L-30/30 (connection at 6:00):2 in. stainless gauge with 1/4 in. lower connection 30/30 pressure range.
Part No. 4820-4L-3000:Use with regulators for measuring (many) gas cylinder pressures: 2 in. stainless gauge with 1/4 in. lower connection 0-3000 psig.
Part No. 4815-2L-30:Use with LabCommerce flow controller (and other brands) which have gauge ports: 1-1/2 in. stainless gauge with 1/8 in. connection (lower) and 0-30 in. vacuum range.
Fitting Options for Connecting Gauges:
  • 1/4 in. Female elbow, Part No: 4 FEL4N -316.
  • 1/4 in. Female connector, Part No: 4 FSC4N -316.
  • 1/4

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