Portability, allowing flexibility for multiple air sampling.
Better passivation due to superior design and surface finishes.
Stable samples over time due to high purity cleaning process.
316L stainless steel, minimizing carbide precipitation.

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X2100ML-N Stabilizer Air Sampling Canister

The Model X2100ML-N, 100-ml sampling canister comes with diaphragm valve. This style of canister can be manufactured in any volume under one (1) liter. A variety of dimensions (diameter and length) are available.

Careful Inspection of Materials

Tubing used to manufacture a 100-ml Stabilizer canister undergoes profilometer surface testing. The profile meter measures the deflection of a stylus as it is moved along the surface of the stainless steel. A common parameter used to characterize the surface of the material being tested is known as Ra or roughness average, an arithmetic average deviation. As the stylus is moved along a representative surface of the material, a profile is created. Once the profile has been generated, the centerline is determined and then the average standard deviation from the centerline is calculated.

Item Code: X2100ML-N-1392
Model: X2100ML-N
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: On Request
Price: $333.00

Materials of Construction, Canister Body:316 stainless steel.
Valve:Swagelok SS-4H bellows valve; 316SS body, S17400/A564 seat.
Valve Connection:1/4" tube fitting
Part Number:X2100ML-N

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