Air samples remain stable over time.
Better recoverability.
Superior surface morphology.
Easier to reclean.
Superior weld quality.

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Summa-Type AeroSphere

Summa-type AeroSphere canisters from LabCommerce are used for convenient and reliable collection of ambient, whole air samples. These high purity, passivated, stainless steel canisters are designed to maintain the integrity and stability of the sample while it is being transported to a laboratory and stored for future analysis.Common uses include the sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air according to EPA Methods TO-14A and TO-15. LabCommerce calls its 6-liter air sampling canister (which the market loosely refers to as summa canisters) the Aerosphere

Item Code: S6L Series-1001
Model: S6L Series
Manufacturer: LabCommerce, Inc.
Availability: Sold
Price: $495.00

Materials of Construction:304L stainless steel vessel body, 304 SS.
Valves (Model S6L):Swagelok SS-4H 316SS bellows valve.
Pressure Rating:Maximum operating pressure: 41 psia.
Temperature Rating:-40°C
Volume:Six liters nominal.
Weight:Approximately 6 lbs. (2.5 kgs.)
Size:Approx. 12.38 in. (31.4 cm) H x 9 in. (22.9 cm) diameter.
Valve Type:SS-4H bellows valve (Model S6L).
Sample Line Connection (all valves):1/4 in. tube fitting (Swagelok).
Note on Sample Line Connection:Valve outlet is sealed with a tube fitting plug.
Part Number:S6L
Option:Add $100.00 to include a stainless steel vacuum/pressure gauge with the AeroSphere canister (Part number: S6L-G, $595.00 list price).

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